CoC Clan Rules


  1. Do not ask for promotions.

  2. Use your war attacks.

  3. War attacks: 10v10 +- 2 your Rank / 15v15 or 20v20 +- 3 your Rank / 25v25 +- 4 your Rank, Unless apart of the designated clean up crew.

  4. No arguing in clan chat, unless it is about who loves bacon more.  If serious enough contact myself Dmagnusv on KiK @

  5. Fill open requests before requesting more troops.

  6. Remain active in the clan.

  7. Members must exhibit maturity, intelligence, and common sense.

  8. There’s no whining in Clash of Clans!

  9. Be an Emissary for our clan in Global chat. Do not be disrespectful or have flame wars.

  10. Do not swallow bacon with out chewing it properly. Enjoy the flavors.

  11. Always try to buy bacon on sale.

  12. Never attack with less than 10% battery.

  13. No clan hopping.

  14. Must be able to understand and speak/type in English.

  15. If you are Opted in for a war but an issue with your tablet or phone arise such as broken screen and are unable to complete all war attacks then an elder must be notified ASAP.

  16. If no attacks used in war you are Opted in you will get 1 verbal warning. Second time this occurs you will be permanently dispatched from the clan.

  17. Do not leave the clan without first discussing it with an Elder, Co-Leader or Leader first or you will not be getting back in.

  18. More rules to cumm. 


All donations are greatly appreciated but not required.  All funds received will go back into the betterment of our Community. Thank you for your support.




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